Gum Carrageenan

Carrageenans are polysaccharides (galactose) with varying degree of sulfatation (between 15% and 40%). They are extracted from red seaweeds and are used as thermo reversible gelling agents and thickening agents. Carrageenans can control syneresis. Carrageenans can also be used as a binding agent and can improve texture and mouthfeelCarrageenan is extracted from red seaweed, most commonly of the Chondrus crispus, Eucheuma cottonii, Eucheuma spinosumor Gigartina stellata species. Carrageenan is available in three grades: iota, kappa, and lambda.,

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What’s your payment term of Gum Carrageenan Powder ?
Cash Deposit or Advance Bank Transfer If you want to buy Gum CarrageenanPowder at a favorable price, please feel free to contact us.

2. Is Advance InOrganics a Gum Carrageenan Powder Manufacturers in India ?
No , we have Fufeng & Deosen Brand 200 and 80 mesh high viscosity Non Gmo . We provide high quality Gum CarrageenanPowder for sale as E415 vegan and halal grades in foods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical applications. call or whatsapp us for more details .

3. What is your Min Order Quantity of E415 Food Additive?
As for E415 food additive, MOQ is in our small packs available like 5kg , 10kg , 25kg and 100kg . We will make an attractive discount in E415 Gum CarrageenanPowder price in terms of larger orders.

4. What is the Gum Carrageenan Powder price?
Advance in Organic is a leading Gum CarrageenanPowder supplier. call or whatsapp us for more details.

5. What’s your delivery time for Gum Carrageenan Powder E415?
We have 24×7 ample stocks available Normally we will arrange the shipment in 1-2 days.

6. Where to buy Gum Carrageenan Powder Manufacturers in India?
Our godown at Badli 110042 is the location you can buy any quantity after you are done with billing and payment obligations.

7. What about your packaging for E415 halal and vegan grades Gum Carrageenan Powder?
Normally 25 Kg drum packing . small packs available like 5kg , 10kg , 25kg and 100kg . As a leading Gum Carrageenan Powder supplier, we can change the package with good price in terms of your requirements.

8. What documents can you provide for E415 Gum Carrageenan Powder?
We provide COA, TDS , MSDS and GST billing invoice . Advance in Organic is your first choice to buy Gum Carrageenan Powder powder at a low price.


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