Glucono Delta Lactone Supplier in India (2021)

Glucono Delta Lactone Manufacturer in India


Paneer is the most consumed Diary product in India . Paneer market has grown at an annual rate of 12.5% since 2015 .Paneer is a non-fermented , non-renneted and non-melting type of cheese, obtained by process of reaction between  various acids like Citric , Lactic , tartaric or malic Acid and heat coagulation of milk. Paneer is consumed because its easily stored and portable due to its shape . Glucono Delta Lactone is actually a coagulation agent . Since its introduction it has helped in making softer varieites of paneer with longer shelflife . Particularly used for making Cottage cheese (Paneer in Indian terms )  and standard Cheese ( like mozzarella and cheddar ) .

Is Glucono delta Lactone a milk product ? It is made by fermentation of Rice Or Maize Glucose (plant derived ) . hence the final product is dairy free , gluten free and Wheat Free .

Why use GDL Glucono delta Lactone for Paneer  Manufacturing ? 

It makes a consistent process with stable results . Higher yields .

What is Price of Glucono delta Lactone in Delhi ? 

Gdl  is available at Approximate @Rs 160/- per kg . It depends upon various factors and must be confirmed before placing order . A small sample can be given for approvals .

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